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Since 2006, I’ve been providing a wide range of design services to Taosheng College of Sacred Music. I strive to ensure school is satisfied with the work I do. Get in touch and discover what I can do for you.


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ID Package Design


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When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, it’s vital to use the right combination to create a stylish and visually appealing design. Since I have a bilingual background in English and traditional Chinese, I can help you design your ID package bilingually which can give you the cutting edge on international level.


DM Design


A strong DM design help you promote your event or your service product

At DM Design, you can choose to design different size DM that promote a special event. It could be your personal recital, a class you plan to start, or a product you try to sell. My job is to help you design a DM that is effective and attractive

​在DM設計,你可以選擇設計不同尺寸的DM來推廣一個特別的活動。它可能是你個人的演奏會,一 堂你計畫很久的課程,或著是你想賣的產品。我的工作就是幫助你設計一個有效和吸引人的DM

CD Package Design


Well design CD Package can make it into a collectible item

 A good CD or DVD  package design can enhance the image of your musical recording, or your video production;  it include its cover design, insert booklet,  and the design appears on the disc

ㄧ個好的CD或DVD包裝設計可以加強所錄的音樂,或你製作的影片形象; 它包括一個封面,內夾的小冊子,和CD圓標的外表設計

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